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Dave Seay Roping Clinic
The start of a beautiful day!

Carley Goodnoe
We begin our learning with the importance of distance & waiting patiently.

Carley Goodnoe
Checking to make sure our horses are fine with ropes all over them.

Carley Goodnoe
No problem for Carley & Rummy.

Vicky & Sassy already look like seasoned cowhands.

Dave helping Katie & Lexi prepare for the next excercise.

Loree explains who will be giving the orders here.

Lexi's not too sure about this rope business.

She gets a little comfort from Dave & Loree...

...and decides that maybe the ropes aren't so bad afterall.

Cyndi & Mesa await their turn.

Ellen & her 2-year old thoroughbred S'lewt. Pretty good for having just been started under saddle!

Holly, Cisco, Judith, & Baile, ready to show that Pasos can do it all.

Sharon & her 20-year old Arabian Lincoln.

Hank & Will comparing hindquarters.

Loree & Dave surveying the group.

Starting from the ground with a simple drag of the rope.

Cinnamon Pacer
Practicing from the saddle - walk straight, stop straight, back straight, turn the front.

Our victim for the day.

Judith tamed the wild beast!

Dave demostrates the art of building an organized coil...

...he makes it look much easier than it actually is, but breaks it down so we can follow along...

...oops, but still smiling!

And how to build a nice round loop...

...while keeping the coils neat and ready to go.

Raleigh is not sure what to make of these lassoing ladies in his pasture!

How to throw a basic lasso from the front...

...the back...

...and side, reflecting the various angles of the face you must shoot for.

Holly shoots and scores!

All lined up to drag logs backwards.

Baylor thanks Dave for not letting us practice on him while Lucy Lu sleeps through the day.

Cinnamon Pacer
Cinnamon & Hank getting some tension on the rope before releasing then "popping the dally".

Cinnamon Pacer
No pressure to get that rope in order!

Dave wondering what he's gotten himself into...

...and congratulates Hank on a job well done.

Judith & Baile demostrate how ropes can be used as a fashion accessory.

Baile is a lover not a fighter...

...but the 2 can rope!

Dave showing us how to build a loop and allow it to expand while swinging.

Susan and Marley coming in for their shot...

...and they make it, first try ever!

Vicky & Sassy showing off their new skills.

Taking our turns to catch and drag.

Reformed hunter-jumper pair. Versatility is everything!

Hank says "It's quittin' time!"


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