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Intial foundation work was done prior to this session. This day was all about backing Jessie,
the dun, for the first time. The gray horse, ShadowFax, is Jessie's pasture mate, brought along to
help make Jessie's first day off her farm in a few years a little less stressful. Separating the 2 will come
later. Dave is riding Hank, a 7-year old QH who has never done this type of work before. While Dave is
helping Jessie, he will also be helping Hank figure out his job of helping Jessie.


Dave works to get Jessie and ShadowFax moving a little. The goal is for them to calm down and walk.
He uses Hank to change their direction, beginning somewhat close, then being able to direct them from
the opposite side of the roundpen with a point of the nose.

Dave now works on separating the two so that he and Hank can start working with Jessie.

A little break to stop and think for a minute.

Jessie is not comfortable being next to someone who is higher than her.

Dave keeps her feet moving by following the feel of the rope.

Then works on moving her feet to disengage the hind-quarters, giving her an understanding of
what this feeling on the rope will mean once he's not there to guide her. Dave also gives Hank some
confidence to move a horse he may not otherwise be able to.

And now the front-quarters, as well as getting her familiar with the rope swinging over her head
and around her neck and body.

Another break to tell them both what a great job they're doing!

Jessie's owner Jacki prepares her for saddling.

Dave helps Jessie understand that although the stirrups may move and bump, they will not hurt her.

And gets her used to the feeling of having weight on her.

Jacki practices the same, she wants to be the first one to ride Jessie.

Preparing to get on while Hank waits patiently.

And she's on, drama free!

Lots of petting to help her feel comfortable.

Time to start moving, the hinds...

...and then the fronts.

More petting and reminders to stay relaxed. It's ALL ABOUT THE HORSE and what she needs
right now to feel good!!!

ShadowFax approves.

Now on their own they'll practice the same feel of the rope to move the feet as needed.

Dave gives a little encouragement to keep them moving.

Great job Jacki!!!


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