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Horse Training

Whether trying to get to the next level in the arena or building a confident trail horse, if you are committed then Dave can help you and your horse progress.


With Dave's innate ability to read what's going on inside your horse, he can design a plan that works from exactly where your horse is in his or her learning. His methods provide many options, as no two horses are ever the same!


The goal will always be to help your horse move in the right direction, and to do it with as little pressure as possible. Dave will work with your horse to overcome instinctual fears, and fears built in by people.


Crossing obstacles slowly and confidently, willingly loading into any trailer, leaving the herd and trusting people as their leader,

or seeking out jumps and having a solid work ethic, are just some of the things that Dave can help build into your horse.


While your horse is in training it is very critical that the human partner also participate. Dave will take the time to explain what's happening and why, and will do his best to ensure you are comfortable with "taking over the reins".


Dave is available for hourly or multi-day sessions, and has a limited amount of space available for longer term training.

Dave Seay Horse Training

Dave Seay Horse Training
Trail Clinics

People Training

Just like foundations are built into horses, wouldn’t it be nice if people held themselves to the same high standards they hold their horses to? Dave can help build a foundation in YOU! By understanding some key facts about horse behavior and WHY they do some of the things they do, you can have a real advantage when trying to communicate with them.


Maybe you have the foundation and need more advanced help. Help with rider position, independent seat, the ability to influence better forward movement? In the saddle, Dave can help you operate confidently, while maintaining softness and being aware of what your horse is offering in return.

Trail Clinics

Colt Starting

Building a solid foundation at a pace that works for your particular horse is critical to the outcome of your horses overall well being. In the beginning, you may participate as much or as little as you like while Dave prepares your horse for a lifetime of partnership. However, your involvement will certainly be required as schooling progresses so that you and your horse can be working from the same perspective.


Colt starting isn't just for colts either! Maybe you have a new horse with a questionable background, or lacking a foundation? Why not let him start from scratch in the hands of a true horseman.

How to Schedule Training

Best is to contact Dave to discuss your particular situation.



Email: seayhorse@yahoo.com



We look forward to seeing you!

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