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About Dave Seay & Progressive Horsemanship

Dave Seay has been working with horses since he was a young teenager, and continues his work today with the same passion for horses that has consumed his life.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1950, Dave's career began in the showing world in which he won numerous material prizes and recognition. However, as time went on the lack of horsemanship sought within showmanship began to take its toll on not only Dave, but the horses too. This lead Dave to reinvent everything he did with horses, and set the tone for his new focus to always be working from their perspective. One question you'll often hear Dave ask today is "what's in it for the horse?".

Dave spent a number of years on the road giving clinics and headlining symposiums across the United States. This gave him the opportunity to work with thousands of different horses and riders, from wild mustangs to top hunter/jumper and dressage contenders. Even within this myriad of horses and disciplines there is a very similar underlying goal amongst all, building mutual trust and working in harmony!

Dave Seay
Trail Clinics

Of the many horses that Dave works with, his favorites usually end up being the ones labeled as the most troubled, for these are the horses in which the purest forms of horsemanship are founded upon, and the definition of honesty and integrity could be written.

Dave is now retired from the days of big expos and fancy belt buckles, and now finds great joy in helping one horse and rider at a time. He works out of a private farm in Waxhaw, NC, a very welcoming environment to help people and horses overcome their fears, and progress to higher levels of communication.

When not blazing new trails with his lovely partner Loree Darlin', and dogs Baylor and Lucy Lu, Dave can be found fishing at a nearby pond.

What is Progressive Horsemanship?

Let's first start with what it is not. It is not about making the horse tired or
doing repetitive movements. It is not about gimmicks, tie-downs, or
controlling horses through fear or force.

Progressive Horsemanship is about treating
the horse like an intelligent creature capable
of making good decisions.

It is a continuous learning process that
builds on a solid foundation of mutual trust.

It is a philosophy that helps people
understand how horses think, and how
to communicate with each other so they
can build a common language.

It is a series of learning progressions that
can be used for starting and finishing in
any discipline.

It lets the naturalness of the horse
come through and builds rider
confidence and safety.

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