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Horsemanship Clinics

Dave likes to refer to clinics as 'horse parties', which is a pretty good description! What a better way to spend the day than with like-minded people learning and discussing ideas right along side your equine partners.


Horsemanship clinics can start with the fundamentals and continue through to more advanced work as part of a series. All clinic participants are given focused hands on help, and are grouped based on experience. The number of participants in these clinics varies, as do the length and number of days. The most popular choice is half-day clinic spread over four different sessions, a week apart. Inquire for scheduling.

Horsemanship Clinics
Trail Clinics

Trail Clinics

These will likely be your horses' favorite! Trail clinics are limited to four riders so that individual attention can be given. They always start in the arena for a 'getting to know you' session where some basic maneuvers will be practiced.


Once everyone is ready and feeling confident, you'll head out on the trail to practice anything you may need help with, as well as learn to be in sync with your horse as you both take in your surroundings. There may also be opportunity for crossing natural obstacles, and simply walking at a nice pace within a group (a challenge for some).

Create your own Clinic

Clinics are all about learning and having fun, so why not get your own group of friends

together and plan a couple weekends? You may customize number of hours and days,

and have a combination of just about any adventure you can think of.


Some clinic ideas include:

  • horsemanship
  • trail riding
  • obstacles
  • jumping
  • roping
  • trailer loading
  • colt starting
  • leadership skills

To inquire about a clinic group you
may be able to join, or to discuss
forming a new group, email Dave at:


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